Monday, June 17, 2013

Uh...Young Lady, have SEVERAL seats....

This little girl is upset that an opinion was made about her attire by a TSA agent. This little girl feels shamed for wearing what she wore. I wonder why? Those leggings are practically panty hose and I doubt she had that shirt on when the comment was made. No one can make her feel ashamed but herself and if there's nothing wrong with what she is wearing, then why does she feel that way? And why does the one little comment of "cover up" have to imply that anyone is trying to push forward the notion of controlling women's reproductive rights? What does that have to do with wearing something you NOW regret wearing? Have SEVERAL seats, little lady and don't sit too long.. The sweat may ooze from those thin leggings onto the seat and I may have to sanitize before I sit down in the same chair....THOUGHT UNTAMED....

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